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Gasignition staff have many years of experience in the development of product to meet specific customer requirements. In gaining this experience we understand the design considerations that need to be considered when developing a product to suit a particular application.

Whether it be the most suitable material for an electrode tip, the spark frequency to be generated, the applicable standard that relate to mains power plugs in various countries or any other of the many considerations the design team at Gasignition is ready to assist product development specialists in the gas appliance industry. We look forward to helping you specify the most appropriate solution for your needs.


In order to evaluate and test new products our customers often require samples. Production of samples can be an expensive exercise in that often new tooling must be produced. The team at Gasignition can produce samples for design evaluation using alternative cost effective solutions.

When the design is finalized and production confirmed, Gasignition will supply pre-production samples together with a complete report.


Many customers will know exactly what their design criteria are. Gasignition is able to exactly match almost any customer specification.

We will evaluate customer drawings, clarify any questions and agree the specification in a prompt timeframe. Once specifications are agreed our quotation will be competitive.


We recognize that not all customers require hundreds of thousands of products. Often small quantities are all that is required. Gasignition commits to maintain the ability to supply product over an extended period of time to enable gas appliance manufacturers to provide after sales service for their customers.

This service extends to the maintenance of inventory levels that allow production of these small run quantities using raw materials to hand rather than having to add the manufacturing lead time of the raw material suppliers. Gasignition also supplies products to stockists of spare parts. The original manufacture of these parts may have been by some other supplier many years ago.


As a supplier to some of the world’s largest manufacturers of gas appliances, the ability to supplier very large quantities of product quickly is of paramount importance. The annual production quantity of some items is measures in millions of units. Gasignition has the resources to produce on a very large scale as and when required.

The factory production team approach and round the clock operation enables daily or weekly production to match the customer’s exact volume requirement no matter what the quantity. Naturally large scale production can be cost effective and these savings are passed to our customers.


Gasignition is ready to provide the very best of after sales service. This begins by ensuring that our customer’s assembly operators find our products easy to fit into the gas appliances that they are making. We are also able to assist in the testing of the gas ignition system in the finished gas appliance.


Modern business practice is to minimize inventory throughout the manufacturing process. Large quantities of stock can be expensive and although our products are usually a very low cost item within the finished gas appliance the very large quantities can mean a significant investment. Gasignition can assist in several ways: first because we can be relied upon to produce the quantity required in the time agreed.

Second a regular weekly shipping program from the manufacturing facility in Thailand to the United Kingdom ensures minimal delays between order placement and arrival in the UK. This coupled with overnight delivery throughout the UK on receipt of goods at the warehouse minimses.transit times.

Inventory for selected customers is maintained at our warehouse facility in Manchester.